Thursday, May 19, 2011

Those Places Thursday - 999 Crupper Avenue, Columbus, Ohio

999 Crupper Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43229

This building was constructed by an engineering firm, R. S. Fling & Partners, around 1975. I started working for R. S. Fling as a computer operator a few years after the building was built. This was the beginning of my career working in the computer industry. I'm not sure now exactly how many years I worked for this engineering firm, but I do know that I was employed at a local bank by the early 1980s. While I was working for R. S. Fling & Partners they expanded the building. Today it appears that the newer part of the building has a different address and entrance. This part of the building sits behind the part shown in the above photo.

969 Crupper Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43229

The engineering firm folded sometime after I left. I do remember it had a lot of problems and there were several law suits against the firm.

The strangest thing about this building is that part of it has been leased for many years by the company from which I retired in 1999. Though I did not work again in this building, that connection is a weird coincidence.

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  1. That building looks much like the doctor's office that I went to as a child... only memories of 'shots!' are there for me. :-)
    Theresa (Tangled Trees)