Thursday, June 30, 2011

Those Places Thursday - Western Electric, E. Broad St. plant, Columbus, Ohio

Who could forget their first job? I started working at Western Electric in 1967 and remained there for about one year. I worked there only long enough to save money to visit my brother, Pat, in Scotland, who was stationed there with the Navy.

I can't remember exactly what my title was, but do remember the work. I was part of a group who built switchboards. Remember those? The funny thing about this is that I later worked as a switchboard operator while going to college.

Factory work is not fun. Having that experience I definitely can appreciate factory workers of today. Both my Dad and Mom worked for over 30 years each in factories, Dad retiring from Jeffreys Mining Machinery, and Mom retiring from General Motors.

Take a look at this blog entry ... it definitely brought back a lot of memories.

Western Electric workers at the E. Broad St. plant, 1962 (A look back)

What was your first job?

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