Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Long Road to Organization

For over a week I've been doing little research while I have been trying to better organize my stuff. It is a rare event when I can find something I want from my stash, so this is way overdo.

After listening to the Legacy Family Tree webinar "Organizing for Success" by Karen Clifford I decided that I wanted to try organizing both digital and paper documents by what is called the Marriage Record Identification Number, or MRIN, that is used by Legacy Family Tree to identify marriages.

I ordered supplies from Karen Clifford's company. After I received them, the thought occurred to me that for the price I paid, someone should have come with the purchase to set it up! lol

Since I'm only working on my Porter family, at this time I would not be using every number in the filing system. So I've run a report in Legacy from which I've determined what numbers I'll actually need (MRINs used in the Porter family). Now I'm sorting through the numbers in the purchased filing system to see if I actually have everything I need. *crossing fingers*

I have also been renaming the file names on my hard drive to use the MRIN. So now I might have a filename such as "349 CR1880", which would tell me that this record is an 1880 census record for the couple with MRIN number 349.  I've worked my way into the surnames that begin with D, so I have a long way to go.

I think I'm going to like this file organization, especially the digital version. We'll see in a few months how I like the paper documents' version.

If anyone is interested in this filing system, check out Karen's webpage FileYourPapers.Com.

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