Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ohio Research Trip October 2011

I have to say that this past research trip to Ohio was probably the best one I have taken since I started my family history research. It wasn't because I found anything that would break down a brick wall, but more about the time I spent with family and friends.

I met my cousin, Andy Rose, at my Dad's 88-year-old cousin's home. We spent 4 hours catching up and a few things were learned about my Dad and his family. One was just a simple comment about the wife of my Uncle Andy. It gave me the answer to the question as to who my family visited a few times when I was quite young. I remember visiting a family, whom I knew was somehow related, several times. I remember that they lived next to the Olentangy River. Several times over the years I had wondered who this family was, and thought I would most likely never know the answer. But as we were talking with my Dad's cousin, Virginia, she mentioned my Uncle Andy's wife, Levia, and that she lived "up by the river". I've mentioned before that I am the only one alive now that has recollections of my early childhood within my own family. I would have never thought to have asked Virginia about this memory, and am so glad that it came up during our conversation.

During this research trip I also visited with several more relatives and an old friend. Such a good feeling visiting these loved ones.

There is much more to write about this trip, but will do so in future posts.

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