Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mrs. May Rutan

Looking through estate papers I have come across a name that at this time is a brick wall. The name is "Mrs. May Rutan". I am fairly sure this is Ella May Davis, the daughter of Esquire Davis and Mary E Stevenson. Ella May Davis was born 16 May 1863 in Knox County, Ohio.  Her father, Esquire Davis, died 12 Mar 1863 in Lake Providence, East Carroll, Louisiana. He accidentally drowned while fighting during the Civil War.  Two and a half years later, Ella May's mother, Mary E. Stevenson, died on 20 Nov 1865 in Knox County, Ohio.

Pension papers were filed for the three children. At that time it was noted that Ella May and her siblings, Sylvester Richard Davis, and Emma Augusta Davis, were all guardians of Marshall Clark. In the 1870 federal census Marshall Clark is living in Middlebury Township, Knox, Ohio. Living with him is a Ellen M. Clark, age 7. This very well could be Ella May Davis.

I have looked at marriage records during the 1880s-1900 time period. There are some possibilities, but none to a Mr. Rutan, and none that can be traced to anyone marrying a Mr. Rutan, at least in the Knox County, Ohio area. I checked both Ella May Davis and Ella May Clark, looking at both Ella May and May as given names.

Both of Ella May's siblings, S. R. Davis and Emma A. Davis Burson, are mentioned in the same estate papers. I've been able to figure out all the other heirs in the estate papers. All heirs are either siblings, nieces or nephews of the two men whose estate is being settled. I guess it's possible that May Rutan is actually a great-niece, but at this time I have no evidence of this.

If anyone has any information on Mrs. May Rutan, please leave a message!

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