Thursday, March 10, 2011

Those Places Thursday - White Cross Hospital/Riverside Methodist Hospital

I was born in White Cross Hospital in Columbus, Franklin, Ohio. White Cross opened in 1892 as Protestant Hospital. In 1922 Protestant Hospital joined the Ohio Methodist Episcopal Conference, and was renamed White Cross Hospital. It was located on Park Street, which is now the trendy Short North part of Columbus. Land was purchased in 1947 for a new hospital in northwest Columbus at the corner of Olentangy River Blvd and West North Broadway. This is where I was supposed to be born, but for whatever reason this new hospital was not opened until 1961. With that move the name was changed to Riverside Methodist Hospital. It was at Riverside that my father died in 1977 and my two children were born in 1981 and 1989.

Today Riverside Hospital is one of many hospitals owned by OhioHealth Corporation.


  1. I've got a question for the historians !!! My name is Michael Eugene Jones, Born July 29,1953 at White Cross Hospital, 163-1/2 East 5th Avenue, Columbus,Ohio.............Why isn't this in any of the history ?????????

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  2. I was the last baby born in White Cross Hospital in 1961. I was transferred to Riverside by ambulance the next day. My grandfather at the time was the Chief of Staff at Riverside.