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Truman Porter 1801 - 1879

Truman Porter is a person of interest. I decided to research Truman Porter as he could very well be a relative of my 2nd Great Grandpa William, maybe even his brother. A Truman Porter is found in the 1830 federal census living close by my 2nd Great Grandfather, William Porter. He and William are listed on the same page, but are not next to each other. In 1830 Truman is 20-30 years old, and a female 20-30 is also living in his household. 1830 U S Census: Chautauqua, Chautauqua, New York, Page:295; NARA Roll: M19-86; Family History Film: 0017146

William is found in the 1835 New York state census still living in Chautauqua County, New York. He appears in the 1840 federal census living in Harrison Township, Knox County, Ohio. So sometime between 1835 and 1840 William moved to Harrison Township, Knox County, Ohio. Truman Porter is not found in the 1835 New York state census; however, there is a Truman Porter in the 1840 federal census living in Jefferson Township, Knox County, Ohio.

Is this the same Truman Porter? The family in the 1840 federal census consists of one male 30-39 (correct age), 1 male under 5,  2 males 5-9, 1 male 70-79; 1 female 20-29 (hmm, that hasn't changed since the 1830 census), and 1 female 60-69. Year: 1840; Census Place: Jefferson, Knox, Ohio; Roll: 406; Page: 355; Image: 717; Family History Library Film: 0020169

In 1850 federal census, William is still living in Knox County, Ohio, though now he resides in Pleasant Township. No Truman Porter is living in Knox County, Ohio, but there is one of the right age now living in Portage, Ottawa County, Ohio. This household consists of Truman Porter, age 49, born about 1801 in Vermont; Maria Porter, age 38, born about 1812 in New York; David Porter, age 19, born about 1831 in New York; Calvin Porter, age 15, born about 1835 in New York; Van Renisalaer Porter, age 12, born about 1837 in New York; Orrilla Porter, age 10, born about 1840 in New York; John Porter, age 7, born about 1843 in Ohio; Sarah Porter, age 4, born about 1846 in Ohio; Alunson Porter, age 1, born about 1849 in Ohio. Year: 1850; Census Place: Portage, Ottawa, Ohio; Roll: M432_719; Page: 159A; Image: 54

A few things to consider here ... David Porter and Calvin Porter fit the ages of the "2 males 5-9" of the 1840 federal census, and Van R Porter fits the age of the "1 male under 5". However, there are no female children listed with the family in 1840. Orilla is listed as having been born about 1840 in New York. Is this the same family? Orilla could have been born about 1840 but in Ohio. I cannot find her after the 1850 federal census, so I have nothing to compare for her.

In the 1860 and the 1870 federal census, this Truman Porter is living in Plain Township, Wood County, Ohio.

Further research shows that this Truman Porter married Maria Darrow. She was born in New York and there are Darrows living in Chautauqua County, New York in 1830. Maria's father served in the Revolutionary War. Records show that a request to have his pension sent to Knox County, Ohio was issued. This would explain the 70-79 year old male living with the Truman Porter family in the 1840 federal census in Knox County, Ohio.

The above facts lead me to believe that the Truman Porter found in 1830 in Chautauqua County, NY is the same Truman Porter found in Jefferson Township, Knox County, Ohio, and later in Plain Township, Wood County, Ohio.

But is he related to Great Great Grandpa William Porter? There are several Porter families that appear in Chautauqua County, New York before and after William Porter lived there. Are any of them related? So far the only one that appeared also in Knox County, Ohio was Truman Porter. This still does not prove that he is related to William.

I did receive a death notice for Truman Porter in Wood County, Ohio. It only mentioned that Truman Porter of Plain Township had died, so that was of no help. This Truman Porter did not serve in the military so I cannot use those records. There is one troubling thing about this Truman Porter. In several records, including his own census records and those of his children, it states that he was born in Vermont. But there are also census records of both Truman and his children that state he was born in New York. So which is correct? Don't know. Though even if he were born in Vermont, it is still possible that he is William's brother. William was born about 1794, Truman in 1801. That gives the family plenty of time to have moved to Vermont.

I have yet to check military records for any of Truman's sons. Hopefully at least one of them did fight during the Civil War. If so then I can order a compiled service record which should state a place of birth.

If anyone has any information about this Truman Porter, please let me know.

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  1. The same 1830 census record that shows Truman and William on the same page also lists a Samuel Porter, but you have to dig back a few pages. Samuel Porter would be just old enough to be either an older brother or even Truman's father, but he is not old enough to be William's father. So if Samuel is Truman's father, William may be a younger brother of Samuel, making him Truman's uncle. The question of where Truman was actually born and who his father is has been plaguing me for years. This past weekend I attended a family reunion for ancestors of William Wesley Porter, son of Van Rensellaer. I was hoping some of the elders could shed some light on this mystery, but no such luck.

    As a side note, you are correct that it was Maria's parents who were living with them in the 1840 census.