Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Another Hole in the Brick Wall - William Lee Porter and 7 new siblings

I've mentioned several times that I really felt that William Lee Porter is the son of my Great Great Grandfather, William Porter.

I recently asked a researcher in Knox County, Ohio to look at the land records and anything else he could find on my ancestor, William Porter. He hit the jackpot! Not only do these documents link William Lee Porter to Great Great Grandpa William, but also to seven additional children. As mentioned in another Hole in the Brick Wall post, I had thought that a Sally Ann Porter Simmons was one of William's daughters. That turns out to be true. However, I had also posted that I thought a Phoeba Ann Porter Storrs was his daughter, but this is not the case. I had recently identified a male whom I thought might be William's son. My assumption was correct.

So now I have the following children: Nancy Porter, Sally Ann Porter, William Lee Porter, Harriet Porter, Alfred Porter, Cordelia Porter, Lorenzo Porter, Phebe Rosella Porter, Orrin Clinton Porter, and the two children from William's marriage to Catherine: Leander Porter and Francis Porter. Of these children I have been able to find all but Alfred Porter.

In addition to the above relationships I now know that Great Great Grandpa William died about 1862. Nice!

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