Thursday, April 21, 2011

Those Places Thursday - 1435 North Fourth Street

1435 North Fourth Street
Columbus, Franklin, Ohio, United States

This was my first home. It is located between 8th and 9th Avenues. We lived in the second to last apartment (#11) in the back. You cannot tell from this picture but there are identical units facing these on the right. We called the sidewalk between the two units "the court". I lived here until 1957. This picture was taken by the Franklin County Auditor's office; the date of the photo is 2007. At the time I lived here, there were no trees or iron fencing in the front. The building to the left in the photo did not exist yet - it was a vacant field when I lived here. It appears that the property has been kept up. I'm not sure of the current neighborhood but I know it went through a decline after we moved.

August 1948
My Dad and brother Pat
in back of building. The enclosed porches on the back
no longer exist. I do not know when they were

May 1955
My brother Pat in front of our apartment, which 
was to the right of him (left in picture).
Behind him is the back entrance to the court.

July 4, 1947
My Dad, Jim Porter, at the corner of N. 4th St. and 8th Avenue.
The billboard behind him is in the field that was behind our home. 
It now has a large apartment complex located there.

November 1951
This is my brother Pat sitting on one of the brick columns
at the entrance at 1435 N. 4th St.
From the present day picture you can see that these columns are still there.
This photo is facing North. At the time traffic was two-way on N. 4th St.
Today N. 4th St. is one-way heading North.

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