Friday, April 15, 2011

Weekly Roundup 15 Apr 2011

This is my first Weekly Roundup, where I will keep track of what I've done the past week or so.

Ordered the complete pension files for William Lee Porter, invalid, and Catherine Porter, mother of deceased soldier. I already have the compiled service records for William Lee Porter. I'm hoping the pension files will give me his relationship to Orrin Clinton Porter. I'm fairly certain they are brothers, but would be nice to have it written in an official document! I'm extremely interested in receiving the one for Catherine Porter. The name of the soldier, William H H Davis, on the pension card is unknown to me. So did Catherine have another son who died in the Civil War? I've already discovered her son, Esquire Davis, who died 12 Mar 1862 in Lake Providence, East Carroll, Louisiana from accidental drowning due to being delirious with typhoid fever. There are a couple names associated with Catherine that are a puzzle. One is David M H H Davis (is this the above William H H Davis?), and the other is Henry H Davis (is this the H H part of the names?). David M H H Davis appears in the 1850 federal census as David H H Porter, living with William and Catherine Porter. He is 9 years old and born in Ohio. He is listed below his brothers, Hiram and Barney Davis, in the census. Hiram and Barney are also listed with surname Porter so I'm assuming since that was a mistake that David's entry was also a mistake. The two children born to William and Catherine, Leander and Catherine Francis, are listed before Hiram, Barney, and David. In the 1860 federal census Henry H Porter is listed with the family. He is 16 years old and born in Ohio. Though the ages do not match I cannot help but feel that these two children are the same person.

I was contacted by what most likely is a half 'nth' cousin who had seen my post on Joseph Rollin Porter's tombstone. I have replied and hope to hear what he has to say about his great great grandfather, William Lee Porter.

I spent about 10 hours browsing the Mount Vernon Republican newspaper that I have on loan from the Ohio Historical Society. I have about 3 more hours of browse time and I should be finished with this microfilm. I identified several more microfilms that I will be requesting via interlibrary loan from OHS in the upcoming weeks/months.

I contacted tpratt at his blog Gen Journey about a couple posts he has made about a Nancy Porter, who supposedly was born and married in Chautauqua County, NY. We have exchanged a few emails and will keep each other posted on any finds we have made relating to this Nancy Porter. I personally feel she is a daughter of my William Porter, but of course have absolutely no proof at this time. Definitely a person of interest!

For the first time I listened to GeneabloggersRadio. Episode #11 was on Colonial Period Genealogy and I found it to be very informative. I'll be listening again tonight - topic will be Family History and the Civil War. The times are:
10pm - 12am Eastern US
9-11pm Central US
8-10pm Mountain US
7-9pm Pacific US
2am London UK
3pm Sydney AUS

I've been working on how I keep track of my research. I've kept a running diary/research log since I began in 2007. The information is there (if I remembered to write it!), but is easily forgotten. So I've been experimenting with different ways of keeping the information available to each person on whom the research has been done. I use Legacy Family Tree and it does have a "Research Notes" tab, so I've started to use it. I can make a report of an individual's research notes also. But inputting research into an individual's record presents two problems: 1) it's no different than keeping a running diary in that it's hard to find what I've done after the log grows, and 2) I don't have a central place where I can keep track of everything I've done for the past week/month. To solve problem #1 I have setup bolded "Titles" within the Research Notes, for example, "Newspaper Research", "Death Record Research", etc. This way I can easily browse to the type of research by Title and thus limit the amount of time looking for previous research efforts. To solve problem #2 I have started this weekly blog post!

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