Monday, July 25, 2011

Military Monday - Sons & Daughters of World War II Veterans Genealogy Society

I recently came across the Sons & Daughters of World War II Veterans Genealogy Society's website. I am wavering back and forth on whether I should join or not.

The pros are that it would be very easy for me to prove my decendancy from a WWII vet. I have my father's Army discharge papers, my birth certificate, and my marriage license. The Army discharge papers show the same address for Dad as that on my birth certificate. Easy! Probably the easiest Society requirements for me, most likely because I didn't have to go back that far to obtain the required documents.

The con is the price ... $125.00 for the initial application, then others can 'hitch a ride' on that application for an additional $25.00 each.

I've browsed some of the members. Seeing that some have pictures of the WWII vet is a nice touch, but after listening this past Wednesday to Maureen Taylor's webinar "Google Images and Beyond", I don't know if I could share a very nice picture I have of Dad in uniform due to copyright issues.

Anyway, while I ponder over this please check out this Society's website.

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