Friday, July 8, 2011

Weekly Roundup 08 Jul 2011

Really haven't had a lot of time for research this week.

I found that I can via interlibrary loan checkout microfilms of New York newspapers from the New York State Archives. I'll be putting together a list soon.

In an effort to find my 3rd Great Grandparents I did start analyzing the Porter families living in the Southern Tier of New York, from 1810 onward. First county (and only county so far) that I've looked at is Steuben County, New York.

I thought at first that a Robert Porter who was born in Hartford County, Connecticut and migrated to Prattsburgh, Steuben, New York sometime in the early 1800s was a good candidate, but further research showed that his family unit probably included a son named William who was born about 10 years after my William. I think I want to still look for a will of this Robert, just to make sure of my current conclusion.

I also looked at a John Porter and Joseph Porter living in Reading, Steuben County, New York in 1820. It appears that John is the father of Joseph Porter. They both disappear after the 1820 census.

Mathew Porter and David C Porter are found in Dansville, Steuben County (later Dansville, Livingston County) in several census records. Further research shows that they are brothers, and descend from Nathaniel Porter (1743-1797) and Charity Lane (1747-1813). Both were born in New Jersey so I have discounted this family at this time.

I also looked at Moses Porter in Cohocton, Steuben County; however, he is too young to be a father to my William but of the age to be a brother. Further research is needed on this male Porter.

I hope to continue to work through each Southern NY county, analyzing each Porter family. It is my opinion at this time that William's father and mother were most likely born in Connecticut, but moved to New York, either before William's birth or shortly after. I probably should also look at migration patterns used by settlers from Connecticut across Southern New York.

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